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we offer cars according to your requirements that meet your needs from the most economical for a comfortable use for the needs of your families and SUV cars for long distances or for ordinary holidays with the cheapest prices we offer you every possible assistance for your need with use of our cars.

Our Services

You can contact us at any time we respond in real time and according to the procedures of the company your car you choose is ready in a few moments.

About Us

Our company comes to the market with the newest cars with the best of all models and with the best prices in the market .

We are Market Leader

we are a market leader according to the conditions required for the physical control of cars, the engineers of the company that take care of every service of every vehicle in a timely manner, we do this to give you a safe car so that your trip with us is as pleasant as possible and above all you arrive safely at the destination you choose with your friends or family. We travel together safely

Best Plans

Car categories are divided by prices as follows divided into columns.

  • 15 Euro per day
    Economic Cars
  • Volkswagen golf 5.

  • Ford Fiesta 2010

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  • 40 Euro per day
    Family cars
  • Volkswagen tuareg 2009.

  • Mercedes- ML 2009.

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  • 80 Euro per day
    Suv Cars
  • Audi Q7 S-line2012.

  • Range rover 2008.

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Contact us to rent the car you need according to your requirements and needs in record time by filling in the following information and we will answer you directly.

Kodheli Company.
Tirane ,Rinas




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